Building Brands In Missoula

The Cornerstone of Your Identity & Marketing Strategy

You’re the genius in your business category–we’re the geniuses that will develop your brand so that it demonstrates to the customer why they should do business with you.

Before investing a single dollar in a marketing campaign a business should be able to answer these questions:

1. Is your company’s image and message compelling enough to evoke a response from the public?

2. What is your company’s story? Does it reflect your product and promise to the consumer? Your brand relays what the customer can expect from you and how you’re different than your competitors. 

3. What do you do best? Are you the best priced in town? Do you provide the quickest service? Does your brand & image relay this message to the Missoula community?

4. Does your brand, logo and messaging appeal to your target demographic? If you brand doesn’t elicit an emotional response in the mind of YOUR consumer then they are likely to move on to another business. It’s important that your messaging appeal to the person likely to be your next customer. 

We will build your brand so that your marketing clearly demonstrates what you offer in a way that is appealing to your target demographic. We’ll help you stand out from your competitors. 

Reject cookie-cutter advertising and let the authentic voice of your business shine.




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Catalyst Communications will advise you on what media campaigns are best choices to present your brand to the public. 

Not only will your marketing sizzle, but your marketing dollars will be invested wisely. 



Your Story

Your story differentiates you from your competitors. It tells the public what is special about you. Your story is more than a catchy slogan or a heart-warming narrative. Your story is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for future growth. 

A consumer’s relationship with your company starts long before they make a purchase. Your story and your brand set the tone for this relationship, and often determine whether or not the client will do business with you. 


Let’s meet for coffee and discuss your business. I want to learn more about makes you unique, and I want to share with you what makes my approach unique. 

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