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This is a workshop for folks who host events, workshops, classes or non-profit functions in Missoula. Maybe you’re a yoga instructor, you host art events or you offer workshops.

It can be frustrating to put together an awesome class, and then only a couple people attend. In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of marketing your special function, including how to identify your target demographic, how to craft a message that resonates with your target audience and then where to present your message (aka what mediums are best for marketing your specific event).

What To Expect:

I’ll spend some time sharing information with you and then we’ll jump in to a workshop format. Each participant will have the chance to workshop their specific cause so that you will leave feeling empowered to make your next event a success. You’ll be prepared to identify your target demographic, how to craft a message that will appeal to them and you’ll leave with ideas about how to best reach that audience.

Please bring a pen and paper to this event. (Or markers!)

Offered By: Erin Giefer of Catalyst Communications.

Bio: Erin is a member of the Missoula artist community who also owns a marketing company called Catalyst Communications. She also teaches hula hooping under the name Mountain Mermaid Hooping. For many years Erin has enjoyed using her marketing skills to help her friends promote their events and classes. Now, she’d like to offer this workshop to the public, too.

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