Sales Training & Strategy

Shaping Sales Superstars in Missoula

Our sales trainer gained sales expertise by beating the streets and prospecting new business in Missoula for five years. She completed numerous training programs and volunteered as a trainer for her former employer, helping new hires learn how to prospect new business. Our trainer was the 2015 nationwide top seller of web products in her company, outperforming her 500-plus sales colleagues. She learned that sales is an art which involves skill, strategy and patience. But, the seller must also have confidence in the product AND a genuine desire to help the client succeed. Are you curious if we can help your business? Let’s meet for coffee and discuss ideas. 




Sales Training:

Catalyst Communications will train you to sell your product or service. We will empower you and your staff with the confidence and skills to effectively sell your product. 

Catalyst Communications will help you master the sales process by teaching you how to navigate the sales cycle. We’ll also help you craft a sales style that will set you apart from other businesses in Missoula. Every business, and every seller, has a unique twist to the sales cycle. Catalyst Communications will help you discover how to maximize your strengths and overcome obstacles. 

We will show you how to persevere, even with clients who haven’t seen the value of your product thus far. 

Sales Strategy:

Does your business in Missoula have a sales strategy that coordinates all areas of your business? Everything from marketing to the customer’s experience should be geared towards driving sales. Catalyst Communications offers sales strategy consultation. 


We’ll Train You To Navigate The Sales Cycle

Craft your unique selling proposition

Develop an elevator pitch

Prospect new business

Set appointments with decision makers

Perform a thorough Client Needs Analysis (CNA)

Uncover sales opportunities

Develop proposals that implement solutions

Demonstrate your value to the client

Give powerful presentations

Draft and negotiate professional contracts

Close deals!




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