ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Does your business shine online–or could your digital presence benefit from a boost? The media landscape is changing which means YOUR potential next customer will likely look you up online before they make personal contact with your business. What will they see? Establishing a kickass Facebook presence will not only help you retain current clients–it will help you attract prospective new clients, too.
In this workshop we will discuss how to best use Facebook marketing to benefit your business. And, we’ll chat about how to create a social media strategy for YOUR company. Social media strategy is what brings your page to life. It will allow YOUR page to stand out from your competitors and connect with your target demographic. A social media strategy is a key element.

Did you know that not everyone who likes your page will see your posts? In fact, Facebook might only show your posts to between 2% and 4% of your total audience.
BUT WHY? Facebook has created algorithms and “best practices guidelines” that dicate how many people they’ll show your post to–and under what circumstances they will do so. If your posts are structured according to their guidelines Facebook will reward you by showing your posts to more people. I’ll discuss this in the workshop.

Just ike in life, these best practices guidelines can change with very little notice. Meaning–the stuff you learned about Facebook last year may no longer be relevant.

Worthwhile information–Yea!!
This is an informal worshop where participants are encouraged to ask questions and join in the discussion. I will be sharing information with you. We will also spend time brainstorming how to apply these concepts to your specific business. Then, when you leave you will be emplowered to put your new skills to work immediately.

I will educate you on Facebook’s best practices so that your posts are shown to the most people possible, how to create interesting content that YOUR target demographic wants to read, the basics of developing a Facebook strategy–and–I’ll share with you tips that I use while I’m professionally managing Facebook pages for clients in our community.

COST: $35
EARLY BIRD PRICING: $29 if you register by Halloween.

Space is limited so please pre-register by emailing: erin@catalystmt.com or calling 406-885-6690.

OFFERED BY: Erin Giefer of Catalyst Communications.
BIO: Erin loves owning an independent marketing company in Missoula because she gest to work directly with awesome business professionals like you. She professionally manages Facebook pages for many companies in Missoula and surrounding areas. Erin also offers internet and broadcast media marketing solutions that are as unique as the companies she works with. For more information please visit: catalystmt.com.

Erin also offers individual consultations to educate you on how to manage your own page. Or, she can manage your Facebook page for you.

QUESTIONS?: Erin: 406 885 6690

Accepted Payment Methods: cash/check, credit/debit card, Paypal: erin@catalystmt.com.

Venue: Green Path Herb School. 180 S 3rd Street West, upstairs. Green Path Herb school is a shoe-free facility. They have really nice carpet. I thought I’d let you know in advance.