Social Media Management & Marketing

Catalyst Communications is a boutique social media management company working with medium-sized, national businesses who are headquartered locally.
Our work includes: videography & photography, strategy, email collection, creating viral content cycles, management, marketing & serving as an extension of your customer service team.

THIS is the story we’ll tell.


Seriously, what does one post on social media? Now, more than ever we’re inundated with information. Cut through the clutter with a compelling social media strategy that’s unique to YOUR business and crafted to captivate.

We Will Tell Your Brand’s Story Through:


We create custom content and source third-party content for your posts that includes:

  • Brand Videography & Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Special Effects
  • Repurposing Your Existing Content Into New Pieces
  • User Generated Content
  • The Unexpected! Special pieces just for you.

Compelling Captions

There is both an art and a science to nailing your caption game.


Our contests have been called “aggravatingly brilliant”. Ask us about a recent contest that brought in over 1,000 comments in an hour  and grew the page’s audience with followers that continued to engage over the long-term.


Having a fantastic social media presence will only get you so far.


How often people see your content, and who sees your content, is dictated by the algorithm of each platform you post on. We have the inside track on the latest algorithm changes and keep up on the latest trends to keep you competitive online.


We have advanced training and proven successes with social media marketing and retargeting. Ask us for examples!

Social Strategist & Consultation

Some companies should have in-house social media management. If we’re the right fit for one another, we’ll consult and train you to execute your own social media strategy.


You brought them this far—now hit a home run by giving the viewer a reason to engage with you more. This is the biggest value of a strong social media presence!

Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

Let others tell the world how great you are, too.

Lead Generation

Does your social presence generate new leads? Is it its own sales funnel?


We provide personalized reports and interpret the data. Analytics are powerful and provide valuable insight into your audience!

Employee Recruitment

Are you ready for a new  pool of applicants?
We have expert-level training in finding qualified candidates and complying with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s rules. Our campaigns have proven to be more successful than many of our clients’ other recruitment attempts—and more cost effective!

Online Learning

We offer workshops that teach businesses about social media in a group setting.
Our workshops sell out and receive rave reviews!

Social media is about more than followers and vanity metrics – we get you in front of the customers who matter AND they engage with your brand. How great is that?